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Join our ranks to lead fast-growing digital health products or kick off new market-leading health and wellness companies with our support.

Co-found with us

How it works

Step 1Apply
We work with highly driven individuals ready to take ownership of our products and boost them to the next level or entrepreneurs looking to start from scratch.

If you’ve already launched companies in the past (or thought about it) and are hungry for your next challenge with a new co-founder – we want you! Hit the “Co-found with us” button, and let’s talk.
Step 2Let’s talk
By joining us as a co-founder, you can either start working with one of Kilo Health's existing products or develop a new hot idea. In both ways, our infrastructure is ready, from marketing to HR, IT, our business know-how, constant feedback, and most importantly – MONEY. Build your team, build your business, and we'll help you handle it all.
Step 3Make it happen
Our single goal is to partner with you, the world's best entrepreneur, and build a company of long-lasting meaning and value. Together we'll ideate, research, validate, scale, and improve rapidly within weeks. Let's go!

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Kilo Health and what does it mean to be a co-founder?

Tadas Burgaila

Co-founder and Head of Growth

You might be wondering

Who can apply?

The most important thing for us is your ability to deliver and make things happen. Experience is great, but passion with dedication is what we're looking for at Kilo Health.

What resources would I get?

Anything that you would possibly need. Depending on the project and its stage, you might use our shared teams from Kilo Health or have a fully dedicated team that we'll help you assemble.

What’s your area of expertise?

Quick acceleration into the worldwide market with our know-how of scaling potential products. We're talking days, not months or years.

What kind of products do you invest in?

We're solely working in the health & wellness-related industry: digital products, physical products, or even hardware.

Is this a full-time position?

Definitely yes.

What if my idea doesn’t fit?

Don’t worry. We have a backlog of interesting ideas to explore and start working with.

What would I do as a co-founder?

Build, manage, and most importantly - scale your product.

What kind of existing products could I lead?

We've created various health, wellness, and fitness products. Don't worry; we'll find the perfect match together.

Join us, we’re waiting.

Co-found with us